covid-19 statement

At Hideaway Brewing Co, we recognise the continued threat that Covid-19 poses to our communities and are hopeful that by working together to eliminate transmission we will be able to return to normal very soon.

Whilst there is no legal requirement for us to publish any Covid related documentation as we employ less than 5 people; we still look to best practice in order to reassure our customers that we are operating in a safe and secure manner to limit the spread of the virus.

Our brewery is operated solely by Dan Wright and members of the public are not permitted to visit or pick up orders from the premises.  We adhere to all required food safety standards and are registered with the local authority.

During production and packaging, we take extra precautions in ensuring our cans are all fully sanitised before and after filling.

All orders are placed via our online shop and delivered by our courier partner APC Overnight or through our ‘Local Drop-off’ when available.

Where customers have requested a ‘Local Drop-off’ by Hideaway Brewing Co, this will be done in line with prevailing Covid-19 guidance and restrictions in order to keep ourselves and our customers safe.  This may include the use of Personal Protective Equipment, Sanitising Processes and adequate Social Distancing.

APC Overnight have their own Covid-19 secure statement which can be read here.

We thank all our supporters during this difficult time and look forward to you enjoying our beer in the near future.